Users frequently asked questions gives the opportunity to private sellers to offer their classified for FREE.

You can offer a classified by simply selecting OFFER and category (eg car, motorcycle, etc.). Then fill in the <classified details>, (the dark colored fields need to be filled in), in description you write a text of your choice, select the time length you want your classified to be appeared and enter a personal code that you will need to manage your classified.

Deleting the classified can be done after you have Logged In, by filling in your Classified number or Account email and your password. Then select the "Delete" option.

Click Login from the menu, fill in the fields Classified number or Account email and your PASSWORD. If you like to renew your classified, you can change any details and click "Save changes".

1. You can transfer to your profile all of your classifieds which have the same email address as the one you stated in your profile.

2. In the case that you want to transfer classifieds that created without an account, you should add your email address on these classifieds. Please logout from your profile and then "login" with the classified number and the password of this classified. Add your email address and then the option of "transfer classifieds" will appear on your guest account.

Attention: Fill in all the required fields in your account such as phone and postal code. in order to show you all classifieds that you can connect with your account.

Depending on the category of your classified an update may cost from 1 to 3 credits, this credits do not expire and you can use them whenever your like

  • Cars: 3 credits
  • Bikes: 3 credits
  • Rest of vehicles: 2 credits
  • Parts and xyma Shop: 1 credit

Making any change to your classified, you are transferring it at the start of the search list. You can use your credits every 1 hour. At the same time this classified appears on the home page of as if it were a new classified.

These credits do not expire and you can use them whenever you want. You can also use them to promote your classifieds

Once the classified has been successfully submitted, click 'Add photos' to select them. If you want to change the photos order, drag by holding down the photo.

If you have forgotten your classified password and you would like to modify or delete the classified and registered an email with it, click here for password reminding. In case that you have not registered an e-mail, please contact us through the phone number listed in your classified, to help you immediately. In any case, please write down your password to make the access to your classified easier.

'Parking' gives you the ability to save the classifieds you are interested in. This appears on the bottom right of your screen. Also, in the same window, you have the ability of comparison with which you can compare the classifieds you have saved. At least two classifieds should be selected.

If you see that a classified is misleading or contains incorrect information, by clicking 'Report' (under the classified photos), we will immediately be updated and correct it.

In case you have the classified number, search it by typing in your browser address bar number. For example

Your classified is immediately published after the successful posting. In case you are searching for your classified and it does not appear in the results, make sure that the search criteria are the same as those you entered in your classified details.

The Technical report certificated is issued after a complete technical audit of 380 points and performed at the Auteco Facilities.

The technical report certificate proves the condition of a used vehicle after a third party audit which is certified by the Greek State.

The technical report certificate can help with the time-consuming procedures of the buyer to test and audit a vehicle on his trusted workshop and may reduce the time needed of selling a car.

Vehicle Indicative control points:

  • Mile verification directly from the Greek Ministry of Transport).
  • Check onboard diagnostics.
  • Car-body check.
  • Check mechanical parts.
  • Check the condition of the interior other factory equipment.
  • Car battery check.
  • Complete KTEO control with validity of 2 years and exhaust control card with validity of 1 year.

In order to achieve more views of your ads and consequently more people interested in them, you will need to make frequent "renewals" of your classifieds. In each of your "renewals" your classifieds come at the top of the list and this leads to even more views.

The renewals can be done either individually or in groups using the tool of group actions which you can find in your classifieds and after selecting a specific category of classifieds (eg cars, motorcycles, etc.)

Another way to promote your classifieds is by using the promotion tool by In this case the promotion works for a single classifieds and it is pinned at the beginning of the classifieds results. This leads to an exponential increase of views and you can choose between 3 packages:

  • TOP for 1 day of promotion
  • Super for 3 days of promotion
  • Turbo for 7 days of promotion

For this feature you will need to have paid credits in your account.

Find out the dealer rating score for each store or filter the results of by dealer rating score.

In classified view, you can find the rating of the store below the details of each dealer. By clicking on the rating, you could add your own rating for this store

The rating is done exclusively through Google Maps and there may be small time discrepancies as the rating is updated periodically.

At you have the option to get notifications when new classifieds are added for your search.

You will need to download our apps for Android or iOS

By searching for something on our webpage you will find at the search results page a heart icon which is for saving your search. By pressing this heart a dialog box will appear and will guide you to set notification for this search.