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Accel 300 Race Wires with Pro Sleeve The oversized 8.8mm spark plug wires feature a double silicone construction rated at over 600°F and 60kV.
With a resistance of only 150 ohms per foot, ACCEL 300 Ferro-Spiral Race wire sets provide a stunning 300 percent increase in electrical current delivery. The 300 race wire's high-gloss black silicone jacket not only looks great, but it also resists heat extremes, petrochemicals, ozone, and moisture better than so-called blended materials for greater durability and longer life. Their high-density, high-temperature silicone insulation provides greater dielectric strength and eliminates arcing and the effects of corona better than the typical OE-style rubber materials. Their all-KEVLAR® stranded inner core, fiberglass braiding, and brass terminals provide unsurpassed electrical conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance compared to terminals made of common or plated materials.


300 Race- 8.8mm
For Race Engine Configurations
Stainless Steel Spark Plug Terminals
Suppression of EMI/RFI
600 Degree Double Silicone Construction
Spiral Wound Copper/Nickel Alloy
Fully Reactive Ferrite Material
150 Ohms Resistance




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