Accel Ignition Coil - SuperCoil - for Remote mount GM HEI 1984-1995 Παλιά Σχεδίαση


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Ignition Coil - SuperCoil - for Remote mount GM HEI 1984-1995Direct performance replacement over stock unit
Product Description
Engineered with optimized low resistance, high turns ratio windings around an M36 high silicone magnetic steel E-core for higher energy and voltage outputs. Results in quicker starts, improved idle quality, crisper throttle response and more high RPM power. Compatible with late model GM computer controlled remote mount HEI systems. Direct bolt-in, plug-in replacement. Can also work with CD ignition systems. Special high temperature epoxy resists shock and vibration, while increasing thermal conductivity. Brass coil wire contact increases energy transfer and resists corrosion better than aluminum. Comes complete with new mounting hardware. High dielectric strength ACCEL yellow over molded housing. Output is 48,000 volts with 0.2ohms resistance.

Features & Benefits

Remote Mount Ignition Coil
Higher Energy/Voltage Outputs
Quicker Starts
Improved Throttle Response
More High RPM Power
Increase Energy Transfer
Resist Corrosion
W/New Mounting Hardware


Primary Resistance
0.3 Ohms

Secondary Resistance
8.8 k Ohms

Turns Ratio
134 : 1

Maximum Voltage
48,000 volts

Peak Increase in Energy vs. OE




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