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Ignition Coil - Super Coil - Ford 3.5 / 3.7L V6Super coil provides more power than stock ignition coils
Product Description
These coils feature advanced bobbin technology, highly specialized silicone magnetic steel cores, optimized winding, resistance, and turns ratios to deliver 10-15% more energy than the OEM coils. Specialized high temperature epoxy resists shock and vibration, while increasing thermal conductivity. These are direct replacements for OEM coils. Bodies and/or secondary towers molded in ACCEL yellow.

Features & Benefits

These coils feature advanced bobbin technology.
Highly specialized silicone magnetic steel cores with optimized windings to provide a turns ration allowing for more power to the plugs.
Specialized high temperature epoxy filled housings resists shock, vibration, chemicals, and overall engine bay environment.
These are a direct performance bolt on upgrade.
The ACCEL Yellow bodies are molded in a high dielectric strength material.


Primary Resistance
0.55 Ohms

Maximum Voltage
38,000 volts


All Ford/Lincoln 2010 and newer 3.5L, 3.7L, and 4.0L V6 Engines
2011 Ford Mustang
2011/10 Ford Edge
2011 Ford Explorer
2011/10 Ford Flex
2011 Ford F-150
2011/10 Ford Fusion
2011/10/09/08 Ford Taurus
2009/08 Ford Taurus X
2011/10/09 Lincoln MKS
2011/10 Lincoln MKT
2011/10 Lincoln MKX
2011/10/09/08/07 Lincoln MKZ




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