Dealers frequently asked questions

For adding classifieds as a dealer, you need to create a profile with your details in

When the dealer account will be activated, the professional gets a personal website with all of his classifieds in a website address like or otherwise

As a dealer is considered the business with many vehicles or other products.

Select on the menu "Dealers" --> "Register"

Fill in the fields in the relevant form.

When the process is finished, click the "Submit" button

Your registration, once verified, will be activated.

Then you can choose the settings of your personal web page and start the immediate publishing of unlimited number of classifieds.

If you are a private seller you don't need to fill this form.

By creating a new profile in we give you a 2 months FREE trial period!!

The purpose is for you to see how works and be familiarised with your profile.

At the end of the two months and if you wish to continue (you are neither obliged nor bound to do so), you can see the cost of the subscription here

If you have a small amount of classifieds, we'll make you a better price.

For more information about the subscription renewal process, please refer to the "SUBSCRIPTION RENEWAL"page.

There are two alternative payment methods.

The first is by a bank deposit.

Please, in every payment through a bank deposit, write your business phone number in the additional information section.

The second is by credit card payment on our website.

If you are logged in as a dealer then you can see next to the prices the «Online payment».

The system knows which dealer you are and after your payment your page is automatically refreshed and your classifieds appear immediately.

After the payment, an invoice is sent to you electronically and you can also see it in your control panel, selecting Account --> Invoices.

Making any change to your classified, you move it on the top of the search list. At the same time this classified is appeared on the home page of as new.

By updating your classifieds, you have far better sales results.

These appearances at the top of the list and on the home page are limited to a maximum of 200 per day. However, you have the option of purchasing additional credits that you can use without any limitation.

The 1000 renewals cost 30 Euros including VAT. You can use them whenever you want (they do not expire) and you can buy them either by bank deposit or by "Online Payment" via credit card on our website.

If you have forgotten your password and registered an email in your details, click here for password reminding

In case that you have not registered an e-mail, please contact us through the phone number listed in your page, to help you immediately.

You can change your password by going to Control Panel --> Account --> Change password

Warning! If an email was sent to you, requesting you to sign in with your passwords, ignore it!!

These are scamsthat want your password and to have the management of your page.

When you log in into your account, pay attention to the address on your browser address bar, it must start with or, otherwise do not type your password.

Select "Dealers" --> "Catalog of business" --> "Business Registration (Free)" which is at the top of the menu on the right.

Then fill in the details of your business. Mandatory (bold) fields must be filled in.

Select your location on the map (you can just type your address into the white input field of the map) and finally select the categories and sub-categories which your business operates (e.g. Dealerships, Car Garages, Electrical Shops, Rentals, Gas stations etc).

When you finish the process, click the "Submit" button

Your registration, once verified, will be published immediately to the dynamic business catalogue and will be shown daily to thousands of visitors. Business registration is completely free.

1) If your subscription has expired then your classifieds do not appear in the search results and your outlet is not appearing to dealers list either.

2) If you do not offer at least 5 classifieds, your outlet is not appearing to the dealers list.

3) In dealer search there is an option for searching dealers on the map.

Please, show on the map where your outlet is (In case if you have not already done it).

1) Login as dealer (if you are not already logged in).

2) Go to Control Panel --> Outlets.

3) At the bottom of this page you can find the Google Map. Move the red flag on the point where your outlet is. When it turns green you can continue.

4) At the top of the map you have the option to write your address and the point will move automatically to the right place.

5) Click "save changes"

Please state where your shop is exactly located because customers by using GPS, will come to that point. If the postcode does not match with the area you specified, your will not be appeared on the map.

"Business registration" refers to businesses operating in one of the following categories:


These companies do not want to publish an unlimited number of classifieds or have a personal web page, but they want to be included in the dynamic business catalogue of, in order to be found in the map by those who are interested.

To create the necessary XML file wherewith an automated classified insertion will be done, you can use the instructions at At the bottom of the page you will find the relevant list of categories with which you can match your classifieds.

Once you have completed the XML construction, you should try it in the XML validator at the bottom of the page at In case of an error, a message will be appeared. Otherwise, if your file has no error, you can go to the Control Panel and enter the URL of the relevant XML in your outlet information, completing the process.

Trying it at the, should result to a green message meaning that it is valid, otherwise the classifieds will not be published.

The dealer registration, is for dealers wishing to create an account in, so that can publish an unlimited number of classifieds (cars, motorcycles, boats, commercial vehicles, parts, bicycles, etc.).

With the dealer account activation, the dealer acquires a personal webpage with all of his classifieds at and and has many advantages in comparison with individuals and ordinary users as well.

Business registration is created by professionals operating in a specific market or around it (eg garages, car wash, accessories importers, dealerships, KTEO etc.) and do not want to publish an unlimited number of classifieds or acquire a personal webpage, however they want to be included in the dynamic business catalogue of, in order to be found by those who are interested in the services or products they offer.

Note: Businesses that have activated a dealer account in are also automatically listed in the business catalogue without requiring separate registration. However, if you have other activities except trade like a garage, you must also register yourself in the business catalogue and fill your additional activities.

Your classified is immediately published after the successful posting. In case you are searching for your classified and it does not appear in the results, make sure that the search criteria are the same as those you entered in your classified details.

Views indicates how many times your classified appeared in the general search results. It is in search results along with similar with your own classifieds.

Clicksare how many clicked on your classified. They showed more interest than in "Views".

Parked shows how many people are directly interested in buying your product.

Large clear photos play a major role in the sale. If they are well taken photos and show e.g. the whole vehicle, the car interior and the engine, you earn the buyers confidence.

If the background of the photo is related to your company, e.g. your logo exists or your outlet is clear and tidy, it inspires more confidence.

Detailed description and honesty always help to win the visitor.

If your subscription has expired, your classifieds are not appearing and can not be seen by visitors. Upon renewing your subscription, your classifieds are automatically appear.

In case that your classified is "fake" or misleading, it can be hidden directly by the page admins.

In case you have the classified number, search it by typing in your browser address bar number. For example

If you enter fake prices, your products go automatically to the end of the search results and those who enter normal prices are benefited.

In order to achieve more views of your ads and consequently more people interested in them, you will need to make frequent "renewals" of your classifieds. In each of your "renewals" your classifieds come at the top of the list and this leads to even more views.

The renewals can be done either individually or in groups using the tool of group actions which you can find in your classifieds and after selecting a specific category of classifieds (eg cars, motorcycles, etc.)

Another way to promote your classifieds is by using the promotion tool by In this case the promotion works for a single classifieds and it is pinned at the beginning of the classifieds results. This leads to an exponential increase of views and you can choose between 3 packages:

  • TOP for 1 day of promotion
  • Super for 3 days of promotion
  • Turbo for 7 days of promotion

For this feature you will need to have paid credits in your account.

Find out the dealer rating score for each store or filter the results of by dealer rating score.

In classified view, you can find the rating of the store below the details of each dealer. By clicking on the rating, you could add your own rating for this store

The rating is done exclusively through Google Maps and there may be small time discrepancies as the rating is updated periodically.